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As part of the whole-patient care philosophy at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) at Southwestern Regional Medical Center (Southwestern) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the psychiatric team is committed to providing customized counseling and psychotherapy as part of your cancer treatment plan. The main goal of the psychiatry program in Tulsa is to help you manage emotional challenges and focus on mental wellness during treatment.

Psychiatrists at our hospital in Tulsa help prevent, diagnose and treat mental, emotional, behavioral and addictive disorders. A patient seeking treatment from a psychiatrist may suffer from anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or substance abuse. Psychological problems may vary in severity and present as a sudden or long-term problem. At Southwestern, our licensed psychiatrists customize treatments to help you approach and resolve challenges that may result from or arise during the cancer journey. 

At CTCA® at Southwestern, our psychiatrists strive to improve our patients’ mental and emotional health. Psychiatrists may use intensive individual therapy to help patients understand their fears or source of distress and provide them strategies to better cope. Psychotherapy may offer a supportive environment to facilitate open conversation with a trained mental health professional. Group counseling sessions may also be offered to help patients voice their concerns and feelings among peers, providing reassurance that they are not alone. Our Oklahoma psychiatrists may also prescribe medications when deemed appropriate.

Dr. Mark Medline, MD, is one of the psychiatrists at our cancer center in Tulsa. Dr. Medlin joined CTCA at Southwestern in October 2013 and works closely with patients to help them cope with cancer and stay strong throughout treatment. He educates and empowers patients to become active participants in leading and directing their own care.

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