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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) at Southwestern Regional Medical Center (Southwestern), nutrition therapy is an important part of the cancer treatment model. The nutrition therapy team at the Tulsa, Oklahoma, cancer center uses nutrition therapy in conjunction with other evidence-informed supportive therapies to help patients stay strong and properly nourished during cancer treatment.

When cancer develops, it often leads to side effects that may impair your appetite while raising your nutritional and caloric requirements. That may make meeting your nutritional needs more challenging. Some types of cancer and its treatments may also impact your ability to digest food or absorb nutrients properly. Nausea, fatigue or infection may further decrease your appetite, especially when undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or other conventional cancer treatments.

The dietitians at Southwestern are trained and experienced in helping cancer patients manage appetite- and nutrition-related side effects. Each CTCA® patient meets with a registered dietitian (nutritionist), who may evaluate his or her medical history, disease type, appetite and other factors to tailor a personalized nutrition plan. The dietitian is part of a larger care team, led by a medical oncologist and coordinated by a care manager. Depending on each patient’s needs, other members of the care team may include an oncology rehabilitation provider, a pain management physician, a pastoral care provider and other clinicians offering evidence-based supportive care.  At Southwestern in Tulsa, our nutrition therapy team also offers classes on healthy eating, available to patients, caregivers and family members alike. The nutrition therapists at our Oklahoma cancer center are an important part of the CTCA integrative care approach, designed to help you manage cancer-related symptoms and keep you strong so you are better able to continue treatment.

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