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Childcare / Children's Program

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To serve the needs of patients who have children, CTCA at Southwestern Regional Medical Center (Southwestern) developed the Parenting Through Cancer Program. The program provides psychosocial resources and tools, age-appropriate activities, support groups and childcare to help reduce patient stress during treatment and improve quality of care.

The program offers a variety of resources and supportive services:

Talking to Children about Cancer classes

Periodically, the hospital offers a Talking to Children about Cancer class. The class helps answer questions such as:

  • When and what do I tell my children?
  • What resources are available for talking to my children?
  • What support resources are available for my children?

Activity bag

Each child visiting the hospital will receive an activity bag, complete with age-appropriate activities to occupy them during their visit.

Children’s books

The hospital’s Library offers information for parents about talking to their children about cancer, books designed for children and teens about cancer, and entertaining children’s books.

Parenting Through Cancer

The Parenting Through Cancer Program is a support program designed to help children cope with a parent or loved one’s illness.

Developed by a team of social workers, mind-body medicine and quality-of-life experts at CTCA, this program aims to ensure that every child whose loved one is diagnosed with cancer is given age-appropriate tools and emotional support to cope.

The potential benefits of the Parenting Through Cancer Program include:

  • Increased knowledge about cancer and its treatment
  • Normalization of feelings of sadness
  • Better able to identify strengths and normalize anxiety
  • Better equipped to express and manage anger appropriately
  • Improved communication about feelings
  • Facilitated communication with the parent

Overall, children learn that cancer is not their fault and they are not alone, so they are better equipped to cope in the new, unsettling environment.

Childcare services

For patients who need care for their children or grandchildren while undergoing treatment at the hospital, Southwestern works with SeekingSitters, a Tulsa-based firm that provides childcare at the hospital for patients to attend medical appointments. Requests must be made 24 hours in advance by contacting Patient Relations. Children may enjoy crafts, games, movies or other activities during this time.

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