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The reconstructive surgery team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) at Southeastern Regional Medical Center (Southeastern) in Newnan, Georgia, strives to help patients regain a sense of normalcy, in their appearance and/or how their body functions. Reconstructive and plastic surgeons at Southeastern, located in the Metro Atlanta region, perform a wide variety of surgical procedures on all areas of the body. Patients who have been diagnosed with breast, head and neck cancers may be candidates for reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Fred Durden joined CTCA® in October 2015. His work focuses on the reconstruction of wounds related to trauma and a broad range of cancer types. His care integrates a wide spectrum of techniques, including grafts, local-regional tissue transfer and microsurgical tissue transfer. He is particularly interested in using muscle-sparing perforator flaps for breast cancer patients who are not candidates for or do not want implant-based reconstruction or patients who were unable or chose not to have reconstruction at time of mastectomy.

Cancer and the treatments used to fight it may change how patients look, feel or function and could have significant implications on their quality of life. The reconstructive surgeons at our Georgia hospital focus on repairing, reconstructing or restoring various body parts that have physical defects resulting from cancer or its treatment. Based on your individual needs and circumstances, our reconstructive surgeons will work with you to recommend surgical approaches that meet your goals. For many reasons, immediate reconstruction may not be safe or appropriate for some patients, and our doctors may recommend delaying the surgery or performing more than one surgical procedure.

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