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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) at Southeastern Regional Medical Center (Southeastern) in Newnan, Georgia, innovative cancer treatments are delivered by experienced doctors and clinicians, all under one roof. Our medical oncologists at our hospital near Atlanta manage patients’ care and treatment plans.

Using state-of-the-art tools, including advanced imaging and laboratory tests, our medical oncologists evaluate a patient’s cancer. After reviewing health backgrounds and medical records, medical oncologists at our Georgia cancer center may conduct physical exams to diagnose and stage the cancer. These doctors will then meet with the patient and caregiver to discuss treatment options and recommendations.

At CTCA®, your medical oncologist will oversee your treatment plan and coordinate with other doctors and clinicians. If your treatment plan includes chemotherapy, hormone therapy or immunotherapy, your medical oncologist will oversee the treatments. Our medical oncologists are experienced in delivering individualized chemotherapy options specific to each patient’s needs and type of cancer. Chemotherapy may be recommended as a systemic treatment, delivering the drugs throughout the body. Sometimes, regional chemotherapy is used to direct drugs to a specific area of the body.

If chemotherapy is part of your treatment plan, your medical oncologist will prescribe your schedule and dosage. Your treatment plan may also include targeted treatments like surgery and radiation therapy. At Southeastern, we combine advanced cancer treatment with supportive therapies to create an integrative treatment plan. Our medical oncologists in Georgia work closely with supportive care clinicians dedicated to delivering whole-patient care. Our supportive therapies are designed to reduce side effects and improve quality of life before and after cancer treatment.

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