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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) at Southeastern Regional Medical Center (Southeastern) in Newnan, Georgia, we understand the need to provide a care plan personalized to every patient. Genetics is a field of medicine that studies how traits, such as risk for disease are passed (“inherited”)in order to help patients better assess whether or not they are at risk for  hereditary cancer genes. Geneticists at our hospital near Atlanta work closely with your medical oncologist and the rest of your care team to help determine if you may benefit from genetic testing.

If it is determined that genetic testing is right for you and you decide to have the test performed, a geneticist will focus on the cause, diagnosis, treatment and counseling for inherited gene mutation. Our genetic counseling team near Atlanta educates and empowers patients about their genetic test results and answer questions. If you have a positive test result, it may mean you are more likely to develop a particular disease than most people, but it doesn’t mean you will definitely get the disease. At our hospital in Georgia, our genetic counselors provide support for patients with a gene mutation diagnosis. 

Dr. Altovise Ewing, PhD, is a genetic counselor at Southeastern dedicated to helping patients understand genetic information and integrate it into the decision-making process about their treatment. Dr. Ewing completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics and Human Genetics, specializing in Genetic Counseling in 2011. In October 2014, Dr. Ewing joined Southeastern to provide onsite cancer genetics education to our doctors and clinicians and offer genetic counseling to patients who may have a hereditary predisposition to cancer.

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