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Trilogy® for soft tissue sarcoma

Trilogy® for soft tissue sarcoma

Trilogy allows our radiation oncologists to deliver optimal doses of radiation to soft tissue sarcoma tumors with increased accuracy.

The technology’s real-time imaging enables us to monitor the tumor motion during treatment, provide extremely targeted radiation therapy, and avoid harm to healthy surrounding tissues.

Also, the speed at which the Trilogy radiation therapy system administers treatment is significantly faster than some other systems. Because Trilogy delivers each soft tissue sarcoma treatment so quickly, it minimizes the time you spend in the treatment room receiving radiation therapy.

What is Trilogy?

The Trilogy® radiation therapy system may be used to provide intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), image guided radiation therapy (IGRT), stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and fractionated stereotactic radiation therapy—all from one machine.

With Trilogy, we can deliver sculpted radiation beams to breast tumors, while protecting the surrounding healthy breast tissue and shortening treatment times.

How it works

This technology’s real-time imaging gives us up-to-the-second diagnostic data so we can (1) monitor tumor motion during your breast cancer radiation therapy, (2) provide high doses of extremely targeted radiation therapy and (3) avoid harm to healthy tissues that surround breast tumors.

In addition, Trilogy includes respiratory gating capabilities, which enables us to deliver optimal doses of radiation to breast tumors with utmost accuracy. The Trilogy treatment system senses and accounts for motion as you breathe in and out, helping us to target the breast tumor and protect organs that are close to the breasts, including your heart, from receiving unnecessary radiation.

Some advantages of Trilogy include:

  • RapidArc® technology delivers radiation therapy using focused, sculpted beams of radiation to the breast tumor while helping to protect the adjacent healthy tissue.
  • IMRT is used to modulate the radiation beam to different levels of intensity, contouring the radiation beam to the shape of the tumor.
  • Allows us to deliver a 20 percent higher dose, which can shorten stereotactic treatment times by up to 75 percent.
  • IGRT enables us to gate the radiation to a moving target, which can allow for accurate radiation treatment for tumors that move during breathing.

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