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Chemotherapy for soft tissue sarcoma


Chemotherapy for soft tissue sarcoma

When treating soft tissue sarcoma, chemotherapy can be used before surgery (neoadjuvant), along with radiation therapy, to help shrink the tumor before it is removed. Chemotherapy can also be used after surgery (adjuvant therapy) to continue to fight any cancer cells that have remained, as well as to try and stop the disease from recurring.

If soft tissue sarcoma chemotherapy treatment is a part of your personal care plan, our medical oncologists will use advanced chemotherapy treatments. The following are some examples of common chemotherapy drugs used to treat soft tissue sarcoma: adriamycin, ifosfamide, etoposide, epirubicin and dacarbazine.

Depending on the regimen, chemotherapy may be administered in pill form or in the form of an injection into a vein. For soft tissue sarcoma, chemotherapy is usually combined with other treatments, such as surgery and radiation therapy. Receiving chemotherapy and radiation within the same time period is known as chemoradiation therapy.