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Mind-Body Medicine

mind-body medicine

Our program

Our Mind-Body Medicine Program supports you and your family before, during and after cancer treatment.

Our mind-body therapists understand the powerful connection that exists between the mind, body and spirit, between stress and illness, and between health and hope. We work with you to provide practices that promote health, wholeness and quality of life.

Mind-body services

Our mind-body services are available to patients, caregivers and their families:

  • Individual, couples and family counseling. A mind-body therapist schedules at least one visit with every patient to introduce the options available in this department, such as counseling and individual therapy services. It’s your decision if you would like to continue meeting with a therapist.
  • Guided imagery. This is a relaxation technique that teaches patients to use positive mental images to manage stress and physical discomfort. Guided imagery can be used to help cancer patients deal with their pain, nausea and anxiety, and also to support the immune system.
  • Deep breathing exercises. Mind-body therapists work with patients on an individual basis to teach deep breathing as a relaxation and stress-management technique.

Our mind-body therapists work closely with your cancer treatment team and are here to support you in making ongoing care decisions. In addition, they can connect you with qualified practitioners, support groups and counseling services in your area once you return home.

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