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Genetic tests for prostate cancer

Genetic tests for prostate cancer

In conducting a genetic test, your doctor will look for the following:

  • ProstaVysion: This is a panel of three prognostic molecular biomarkers (PTEN, ERG and HOXD3). Studies indicate that patients with PTEN deletions, ERG fusion/translocation and HOXD3 methylation typically have a less favorable prognosis. Testing is performed on prostate tissue sections.
  • PCA3 (prostate cancer antigen 3 gene) gene testing: The PCA3 gene is over expressed in prostate cancer cells. This molecular test evaluates the ratio of mRNA transcripts of PCA3 to PSA. It is performed on a urine sample obtained after a digital rectal exam.

What are genetic tests?

Genetic tests can be used to reveal information about your diagnosis, predict your responsiveness to treatment, understand your risk of developing the same cancer again and other factors.

These tests are conducted after a doctor takes a sample of blood, hair, skin or other tissue.