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Prostate cancer treatments may affect your quality of life.
Know your options.

Prostate cancer affects one in seven U.S. men. Certain treatments may compound prostate cancer-related side effects like frequent urination, incontinence, pelvic pain or erectile dysfunction. That’s why it is important to turn to oncologists with expertise in diagnosing and treating the disease, so they can help you make informed decisions about your care. At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), our cancer hospitals treat prostate cancer every day, and our oncologists take the time to explain the benefits and risks for each available treatment.

The prostate cancer experts at CTCA® work with a team of doctors and clinicians to tailor a treatment plan specific to your type of prostate cancer and your individual needs. All members of each patient’s care team work together under one roof, using cutting-edge tools to diagnose and treat the cancer, while also helping the patient manage side effects that may impact bowel, urinary and sexual function. Explore this section to learn more about prostate cancer, its symptoms, signs and causes and the many treatment options we offer.

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