Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Richard J Stephenson

richard stephenson

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Richard J Stephenson is the founder of Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA). He has been Chairman of the Board since the company’s inception in 1988.

During Mr. Stephenson's tenure as Chairman, CTCA has pioneered and proven the importance of a new paradigm in cancer care known as Patient Empowered Care®. This new model of care empowers cancer patients and their caregivers by providing them with services and programs they desire, where and when they desire them, in one seamless and totally comprehensive setting. In this setting, they are offered more innovative, integrated and hopeful options with which to better manage their cancer and enjoy a good quality of life.

CTCA treatment options include advanced modern medicine tools in surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, cell therapy, and others. These “conventional treatments” are always intuitively supported by numerous holistic, patient-centric programs and services, known as Wisdom MedicineSM, such as nutrition, naturopathic, chiropractic, Chinese, Ayurvedic and mind-body medicine; oncology rehabilitation, spiritual care, and many other programs valued by, and important to, patients.

All of these services and programs are provided under the watchful guidance of the widely acclaimed CTCA Mother Standard® of care. This unique, patient-centered model of cancer care originated out of respect for Mr. Stephenson’s departed mother, in whose memory CTCA was founded, and in whose memory he, his family and all of CTCA have pledged to change the face of this terrible disease, NOW!

Mr. Stephenson is a merchant banker and serves as chairman, president and a board member of many other proprietary and philanthropic enterprises.