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Band Reroutes National Tour to Perform Last-Minute Concert for Patient at Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Midwestern Regional Medical Center

Indie Rock/Pop Band Flying Mammals to Give a Special Live Show for Cancer Patients and Caregivers at the hospital

CHICAGO – Inland Northwest-based trio Flying Mammals is taking a special detour from its scheduled national tour to perform for cancer patients and caregivers at Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Midwestern Regional Medical Center, Wednesday, March 27 at 5:30 pm. The impromptu visit was planned after the band learned that one of their long time loyal fans Melvin Hall (51) would be unable to attend a benefit concert scheduled in his hometown of Spring Lake, Iowa on Friday due to conflicts with his treatment at the center.

When the band discovered that Melvin would be unable to attend the fund-raiser being held in his honor due to his radiation and chemotherapy treatment, the Flying Mammals hit the road and traveled to Zion, Illinois to make a special appearance at CTCA to inspire and entertain all of the cancer patients and caregivers including one special fan of the band – Melvin Hall.

The indie pop rock band is comprised of Aaron (32), James (26), and Andrew Birdsall (25), “We always want to support our fans in what they do, but we’re especially passionate about cancer research and treatment,” Flying Mammals lead singer Aaron Birdsall said, “I used to be a nurse for the military and treated a lot of cancer patients, so I know firsthand the importance in raising awareness and making the healthy lifestyle choices that can help prevent cancer. Music can offer patients a much needed relief from everyday routines like treatments and appointments. We are honored to give the gift of music to the patients at Cancer Treatment Centers of America,” he said.

Melvin, from Spirit Lake, Iowa, is battling Squamous Cell Carcinoma and discovered the Flying Mammals band through his friend Teri Ehrich. The two friends share a love of music and the Flying Mammals and when Ehrich discovered the band would be passing through Iowa on tour she quickly jumped into gear to engage the band to perform a benefit concert in honor of Melvin Hall in Des Moines. When it was discovered that Melvin would be unable to attend due to his radiation and chemotherapy treatment, the Flying Mammals hit the road and traveled to Zion, Illinois to make a special appearance at CTCA in honor of all the patients and caregivers at the hospital.

“I’ve kept in touch with Aaron over Facebook but I’m thrilled to finally meet the whole band in person,” said Melvin. “It means a lot that they are going out of their way to play for me and all the friends I’ve made here at the hospital. I truly appreciate the support while I’m in treatment.”

Long before the Flying Mammals officially formed in 2009, the Birdsall brothers were heavily involved in music. Brothers James and Andrew got their start at an early age, playing live shows around Chicago. Aaron moved to Seattle with his then Grunge band. After years of the brothers pursuing individual music endeavors, they eventually came back together. The band makes Cour D’Alene, Idaho their home where they write and produce music.

The Birdsall brothers are pleased to be back in the Midwest supporting cancer patients with the gift of music.

The Flying Mammals will also perform in Des Moines this Friday, March 29. Melvin’s children Adam (27), twin daughters Laci and Kaci (24), and Michael (23), will be in attendance to support their dad. For more information on Flying Mammals, please visit

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