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Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa Receives National Breast Center Accreditation

Three-Year Accreditation Shows Hospital Provides Excellent Breast Cancer Care

Tulsa, Okla.,  – Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) in Tulsa has been accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), a cancer program within the American College of Surgeons. CTCA is one of only two centers with the accreditation in Oklahoma and the only such center in Tulsa.

To receive the accreditation, a cancer program must meet rigorous standards set forth by the NAPBC and undergo an external evaluation and review of its performance and compliance with those standards. “This accreditation illustrates that we are doing what the NAPBC and their experts around the country believe we should be doing to provide excellent, coordinated, multidisciplinary breast cancer care,” said Dr. John Frame, breast surgeon at CTCA.

The good news for patients at CTCA is that very few changes were needed to prepare for the evaluation by the NAPBC. “We found in preparing for this accreditation that our care was already meeting the standards of the NAPBC,” said Dr. Frame. The surveyor conducted the evaluation in early November, and investigated 17 different disciplines within the breast program, including surgical care, nursing, quality improvement, plastic surgery and medical oncology, among others.

“We are proud of the collaboration and communication taking place here every day between the multiple specialties, which is necessary to become a nationally accredited breast center,” said Denise Geuder, Chief Nursing Officer at CTCA. “Our staff is proud to provide consistent care with consistent documentation for the benefit of our patients, and that dedication resulted in a survey with 100 percent compliance.”

Recently, there have been inconsistencies about the effectiveness of mammograms and breast cancer treatment options. For breast cancer patients, getting treatment at an NAPBC-accredited center may help ease fears about whether they are getting the appropriate treatment for their situation.
“Much of the news out there, such as recommendations for mammography screening, only looks at a single aspect of breast cancer care and evaluation. Whereas, the NAPBC embraces the entire multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer. It is a more holistic view of breast cancer care,” said Dr. Frame.

As part of the hospital’s commitment to promoting quality breast cancer care, CTCA has been a long-time supporter of the local affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. “This accreditation ensures a seamless system of high quality breast care,” said Christy Southard, Executive Director of the Tulsa affiliate. “We are pleased that women will have access to this collaborative approach to care right in our own community.”

In addition to serving the Tulsa community, CTCA also sees patients from around the state, the nation and even from across the globe. In 2012, more than 140 new patients chose to come to Tulsa to get breast cancer care by CTCA physicians and clinicians. The hospital offers leading-edge technology and therapies for breast cancer including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Many patients benefit from Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT), which offers a single dose of radiation at the time of surgery, and can replace six weeks of radiation therapy. In addition, by offering supportive services such as acupuncture, oncology rehabilitation, nutritional support, and mind-body medicine, CTCA helps to alleviate pain, stress and possible side effects of treatment for patients.

By embracing this integrated approach, CTCA helped ensure the Tulsa hospital was prepared to meet the standards set forth by the NAPBC.  “There are many places that provide excellent breast cancer care, but the model at CTCA lends itself to a multidisciplinary, multispecialty approach to care for a patient with breast cancer. It’s easier to do here; it’s a natural thing to do here. It’s the way this system was designed,” said Dr. Frame.

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