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The Mother Standard® changing the face of cancer treatment

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) focuses relentlessly on the individual, whole-person needs of cancer patients. Every clinician, every hospital design element, every piece of equipment exists to meet the needs of cancer patients and their families. CTCA dedicates itself to improving the quality of cancer treatment based on what cancer patients and their families value most.

Length of life and quality of life are two of the most important quality measures for cancer patients. Cancer patients also believe the quality of their treatment experience is equally important.

Most cancer patients and their families want to be in control of their treatment decisions. They search everywhere to learn everything they can about the disease. They want their care team to provide clear information, as well as listen to their questions and concerns.

Cancer patients and their families also want access to the most innovative, proven therapies available. And, they want to understand how these therapies can help meet their individual needs—both clinically and personally.

The Mother Standard® of Care

"When I walked into CTCA, I knew I was in the right place. My first meeting with Dr. Sybilann Williams, who is not only a skilled gynecologic oncologist but a wonderful person. She gave me her undivided attention when she spoke to me. She gave me options. I was part of the decision making and I wasn’t being treated as a number or a statistic," says CTCA cancer survivor Jan Pederson.

If your mother had cancer, how would you want her to be treated? That simple question has evolved into the Mother Standard® of cancer care. The Mother Standard represents a unique, vibrant approach that delivers a complete, patient-focused treatment experience.

The Mother Standard of care allows our physicians to offer patients the latest, evidenced- based treatments to attack the cancer, combined with a comprehensive array of scientifically supported complementary therapies to help strengthen the immune system, ease side effects, and improve quality of life.

We know that cancer patients want their treatment to incorporate the needs of the whole person—physically, emotionally and spiritually. We know they value greatly a multidisciplinary care team that will be responsive to their personal needs throughout treatment.

CTCA provides a comprehensive, fully integrated cancer treatment model to meet the individual needs of patients living with complex and advanced-stage disease. The Mother Standard of care is about providing patient-centered, quality cancer treatment.

Patient Empowerment Medicine®

At each CTCA hospital, medical, surgical and radiation oncologists work side by side with nutritionists, naturopathic clinicians, mind-body therapists, rehabilitation therapists, spiritual counselors, and other clinicians to offer powerful and thorough treatment options for the individual.

In addition to a multidisciplinary approach, the patient-focused Mother Standard ® of care encourages and empowers patients to take control of their treatment decisions. CTCA calls this the Patient Empowerment Medicine® philosophy.

Too often, cancer patients with complex and advance-stage disease are told to go home and get their affairs in order because there is nothing more that can be done for them. Yet, cancer patients and their families do not give up that easily. They search the Internet, talk with other patients, and aggressively seek treatment options that may provide them with a better chance for success in their fight against cancer. With growing frequency, they find CTCA.

Patients treating with CTCA typically have stage III or IV disease and often have multiple co- morbidities, ranging from diabetes, to heart disease or hypertension, among others. In addition, two-thirds of patients have failed frontline treatments at other cancer programs, frequently offered through community hospitals.

Furthermore, 95 percent of patients treating at CTCA hospitals are self-referred. They travel hundreds of miles for the unique approach to cancer treatment found at CTCA. They come because they believe CTCA offers them the best chance for success in their fight against cancer.

The Patient Empowerment Medicine philosophy recognizes that cancer patients want to be in control of their treatment decisions. This motivation drives patients to seek care that best meets their needs, no matter where it is.

Cancer patients come from all across the nation to CTCA hospitals located in Chicago, Philadelphia, Tulsa, Phoenix, and Atlanta.

Our commitment is to you and your healing

"Because of the philosophy that is cultivated throughout CTCA, I have been able to become an ambassador for hope, faith and belief that just because someone tells you that you have cancer, it doesn't mean your days of greatness are over," says CTCA cancer survivor Robbie Robinson.

At CTCA, you and your healing are at the center of our hearts, minds and actions, every day. We are committed to creating an individualized treatment experience that reflects what you and your family value most. We do this by listening to you and understanding your health and life goals.

Everyone’s cancer journey is different. Yet, the common need for all cancer patients and their families is information. This includes information about the type of cancer they are battling, as well as information about all the treatment options available to them. Cancer patients and their families want information that will help them chose a treatment destination they believe gives them the best chance to beat cancer.

At CTCA, part of our promise to you and your family is to offer clear information, powerful and thorough treatment options, all based on your needs.

Resources for you and your family

Oncology Information Specialists

Oncology Information Specialists are standing by 24 hours a day, every day of the year to listen, encourage, and help you make important decisions about fighting cancer. You may reach a CTCA Oncology Information Specialist by calling 1-800-615-3055 . If you prefer, you may also chat online or send an email.

Your Guide to Cancer Care

Learn about the latest treatment developments, including the benefits of complementary therapies and high-quality care for the whole person—body, mind and spirit.

Cancer Fighters Thrive®

Cancer Fighters Thrive magazine offers you tips and insights that can rally your mind, body and spirit for your day-to-day experience of living with and fighting cancer. Cancer Fighters Thrive will keep you apprised of medical developments that may one day conquer the disease, and introduce you to others who have struggled with cancer and won.


CTCA currently tracks its clinical outcomes for some cancer types and compares them with those in an available national database. In our outcomes sections, you will find data for patients with a specific cancer type who treated at CTCA hospitals compared with patient data from the National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) database.

Visit CTCA outcomes page for more information.