Cancer Treatment Centers of America

SBRT for pancreatic cancer

For pancreatic cancer patients who aren’t able to undergo surgery, our advanced technologies like stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) allow us to deliver radiation with pinpoint accuracy to medically inoperable tumors, or to tumors that have recurred after previous radiation treatments.

Prior to SBRT treatment, the technology’s specially designed coordinate system precisely locates the tumor to ensure proper placement of tiny seed-like tracking devices. These seeds track the radiation, and help to reduce damage to surrounding healthy tissues.

During SBRT, we use the Trilogy™ system to deliver concentrated, highly focused radiation treatments. SBRT uses custom mapping to account for a patient’s anatomy, breathing and organ motion.

Depending on your personal pancreatic cancer treatment plan, our doctors may use SBRT to deliver a single high dose of radiation, or a few fractionated radiation doses (usually up to five treatments over a period of days).