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Image enhancement for pancreatic cancer

image enhancement

Image enhancement for pancreatic cancer

We understand that hair loss and changes to the skin and body can be upsetting side effects of some pancreatic cancer treatments. Our image enhancement professionals, including beauticians, cosmetologists and salon personnel, are on hand to help you look and feel better throughout your pancreatic cancer treatment.

We'll address common appearance and body image issues that result from chemotherapy, radiation or surgery for pancreatic cancer. Our goal is to help you both anticipate and prepare for possible changes, as well as to positively manage them as they occur.

What is image enhancement?

Image enhancement is way to encourage positive self-image and improve quality of life through salon and spa services that help you feel your best. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy can affect your appearance, including hair loss and complexion changes. Image enhancement services may help reduce depression and anxiety, while helping you feel more confident.

Our goal is to help you find ways to look and feel your best, thereby reducing stress and improving your sense of well-being. Our on-campus salon and spa offers a variety of image enhancement services for patients and their families:

  • Hair and nail care services, including haircuts, colors, manicures, pedicures, waxing, wig needs, etc.
  • Hats, wigs, scarves, soft head coverings and other accessories
  • A selection of breast forms, breast prosthetics and post-surgical bras
  • Compression garments for treating lymphedema
  • Women’s health products, including skincare products
  • Classes and seminars on a variety of topics, including the connection between looking good and feeling better, as well as image-enhancement techniques.

Experienced care team

The clinicians on your care team know that cancer treatments can impact your appearance and how you feel about yourself. They will want you to take full advantage of our salon and spa services because your self-image can impact your recovery. The stylists and consultants at our salon and spa are trained to address the physical changes you may be experiencing through a variety of services.

Personalized treatment approach

At our salon and spa, the stylists and consultants work with you individually to come up with ways for you to look your best. They provide services based on your needs and goals.