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Local hyperthermia for melanoma

Local hyperthermia for melanoma

For melanoma, we have used local hyperthermia in conjunction with radiation therapy to help make a tumor more susceptible to the effects of the radiation. We have also used local hyperthermia therapy in conjunction with chemotherapy or targeted drug therapy. Using this method, a warmed solution containing anticancer drugs is either used to bathe the cancerous tissue, or is passed through the blood vessels of the tumor.

What is local hyperthermia?

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), we use innovative skin cancer treatment methods, such as local hyperthermia, to shrink tumors. Hyperthermia involves the use of heat to damage proteins and structures within cancer cells.

Local hyperthermia (sometimes called superficial hyperthermia) exposes a small area, such as a tumor, to high temperatures. Heat can damage and destroy cancer cells, and enhance the effectiveness of other skin cancer treatments, like chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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