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Nd-YAG laser for lung cancer

Nd-YAG laser for lung cancer

The YAG laser penetrates tissue more deeply than other lasers. It also offers a virtually bloodless treatment by clotting the area quickly. This is important for the lungs, which tend to have dense concentrations of blood vessels and a high risk of bleeding complications during other treatments.

What is an Nd-YAG laser?

The Nd-YAG laser is a powerful laser that we use to “vaporize” tumors. The YAG laser is also called the Holmium and Nd: yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser.

The Nd-YAG laser is directed at tumors deep inside the lungs through a bronchoscope. When the YAG energy hits the cancer, it turns it into smoke. The smoke can then be sucked out of the lung, removing the tumor from the airway.