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HAST for lung cancer

HAST for lung cancer

The hypoxia altitude simulation test allows your physician to screen for any respiratory symptom and estimate your supplemental oxygen needs for air travel.

What is a hypoxia altitude simulation test (HAST)?

Our doctors use the hypoxia altitude simulation test (HAST) to evaluate additional oxygen needs for lung cancer patients who will be traveling by airplane.

During this test, you will first be seated in a chair. Then, a clear hood is placed over your head for about 30 minutes. The hood delivers a constant flow of oxygen through a tube, in order to simulate the oxygen level shifts during a flight.

Throughout the test, your oxygen level will be tested, in addition to your heart rate and respiratory rate.

HAST simulates a cabin pressure of 8,000 feet, by asking a patient to breathe a mixture of gases with an oxygen saturation of 15.1 percent.