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Autofluorescence bronchoscopy for lung cancer

Autofluorescence bronchoscopy for lung cancer

This technolgoy allows our physicians to identify cancerous cells in the bronchial tubes that may not be visible under white light examination. The doctor can then remove a small sample of abnormal tissue for further analysis.

What is an autofluorescence bronchoscopy?

Also known as blue-light bronchoscopy, autoflourescense bronchoscopy is used to find and diagnose tiny tumors.

For the procedure, your doctor will insert a scope through your mouth or nose and into your lungs. Then, a video camera and two different light sources will give your doctor a view of your airways.

One light will be a tradiational white light source, while the other is a special blue light (a.k.a., fluorescence) that causes abnormal cells to stand out. Under the blue light, healthy tissues appear green and abnormal tissues appear reddish-brown.