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Head and neck cancer information

What is head and neck cancer?

The term "head and neck cancer" refers to a variety of tumors that can occur in the throat, larynx (voice box), nose, sinuses and mouth. Cancer that occurs in the mouth may also be considered to be a type of head and neck cancer. More information on cancers of the mouth, oropharynx and oral cavity can be found in our section on Oral Cancer.

Most head and neck cancers are called squamous cell carcinomas, because they begin on the surface layer of the region within the head or neck, where the cells are flat and squamous. Cancer confined to this layer of cells is called carcinoma in situ. When the malignant cells spread into deeper layers of cells, it is called invasive squamous cell carcinoma.

Head and neck cancer incidence

Approximately 48,000 people are expected to be diagnosed with head and neck cancers in 2017. More than twice as many men than women have head and neck cancer. As a group, these malignancies (including cancers of the mouth) account for about 3 percent of all cancers in the United States, according to the National Cancer Institute. About 10,000 people are expected to die from head and neck cancer in 2017. Fortunately, the number of people with head and neck cancer and mortality associated with this disease has been decreasing over the past 20 years.

Types of head and neck cancer

Learn about different types of head and neck cancer.

Head and neck cancer symptoms

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Head and neck cancer risk factors

Read about common risk factors for head and neck cancer.

Stages of head and neck cancer

Learn about the stages of head and neck cancer.

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