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X-ray for head and neck cancer

Chest x-ray scan for head and neck cancer

An x-ray of the chest may be taken to check if the cancer has spread to the lungs. Cancer will not be present in the lungs unless it is in an advanced stage. An X-ray is usually an outpatient procedure, meaning that you do not have to be admitted to a hospital for the test. If the result is abnormal, further tests will be done.

What is an x-ray?

X-ray, a type of high-energy electromagnetic radiation, is often used for cancer diagnosis, staging and treatment.

An X-ray uses electromagnetic radiation to make images. The image is recorded on a film, called a radiograph. The images produced appear light or dark, depending on the absorption rates of the different tissues. For example, dense materials, such as bone, show up as white on a film, while fat and muscle appear as varying shades of gray.

An X-ray exam is fast and painless. In low doses, X-rays can be used to construct images of structures inside the body to detect and stage a tumor. In higher doses X-rays can be used in radiation therapy to help destroy cancerous cells in the body.

X-ray medical animation

Video: X-ray Medical Animation

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