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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) at Eastern Regional Medical Center (Eastern), located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, our doctors and clinicians combine conventional treatments like surgery and chemotherapy with evidence-based supportive therapies. Psychiatry services are one of the supportive therapies offered at our cancer center in Philadelphia to help patients maintain their mental and emotional strength and improve quality of life throughout treatment.

Patients with cancer may feel psychological distress after a cancer diagnosis or during cancer treatment. The psychiatrists at our Philadelphia cancer hospital are doctors trained and educated to diagnose and treat emotional, mental and behavior disorders. Our highly trained and educated psychiatrists at Eastern work with you to approach and resolve your problems in a way that works for you. Our psychiatrists and psychotherapists use counseling and other therapeutic approaches to help you address life challenges and focus on emotional wellness. Depending on your needs and treatment goals, our psychiatrists may prescribe medications for anxiety, depression, insomnia or other distress.

The psychiatry department at CTCA® at Eastern also offers individual, family and group counseling services. It is important for a patients and their family to discuss anxiety, fears and other feelings that may come with a cancer diagnosis. Our psychiatrists help patients process their thoughts while giving them the tools to manage mental health.

At our cancer center in Pennsylvania, the psychiatry team plays a key role in the Patient Empowered Care® approach to care. This model of personalized care surrounds each patient with a care team led by a medical oncologist and coordinated by a care manager. Depending on your needs, your care team may also include a naturopathic medicine provider, a pain management physician or a physical therapist. These team members regularly communicate with you and one another to provide an integrative approach to care.

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