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The Gynecologic Oncology Department at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,  diagnoses and treats cancers of the female reproductive system. Our skilled gynecologic oncologists are trained and experienced in gynecology and oncology care. Their knowledge equips them with the skills needed to treat cancers of the vagina, ovaries, uterus, vulva and cervix.

Led by Dr. Justin Chura, Chief of Surgery & Director of Gynecologic Oncology and Robotic Surgery, the gynecologic oncologists at CTCA® at Eastern Regional Medical Center (Eastern) in Philadelphia see a variety of reproductive cancer patients. Initially, they interview patients about their general health backgrounds and collect medical records. Gynecologic oncologists also conduct pelvic exams and order blood and other tests so they can make an informed diagnosis. Our trained clinicians deliver the diagnosis and provide patients with a variety of treatment options. They educate reproductive cancer patients on the common sexual, physical and emotional side effects their disease may cause, as well as how gynecologic oncology treatments may affect them.

Fertility may be impacted by surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and other anti-cancer treatments. Eastern offers oncofertility preservation services to help women explore fertility preservation options. CTCA works closely with fertility centers that offer patients access to in vitro fertilization; on-site egg, sperm and embryo storage; as well as egg retrieval and sperm collection services.

Once intake processes, testing and other preparations are complete, the gynecologic oncologists at Eastern will recommend various treatment options and work with other clinicians to design a care plan specific to the patient’s needs. Gynecologic cancers are complex, and they often require multiple treatment modalities. A gynecologic oncologist is specially trained in providing multidisciplinary care and, for example, can administer chemotherapy after surgery, if necessary.

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