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The integrative oncology services team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® at Eastern Regional Medical Center (Eastern) in Philadelphia is committed to whole-patient care, offering a number of services to help patients manage symptoms that may result from cancer or its treatment. The Pennsylvania-based facility has several acupuncturists on staff, all trained to help cancer patients suffering from physical or emotional conditions. A number of symptoms may be addressed with this ancient Chinese technique.

Acupuncturist Gurneet Singh was integral in launching the acupuncture program at Eastern in 2006. She strives to educate patients on the basics and benefits of acupuncture, partnering with other licensed acupuncturists at the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, cancer center to reduce patients’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual side effects.

Acupuncture works by reestablishing healthy energy flow through the body’s meridians, or energy pathways. This may be helpful for cancer patients who may be experiencing an imbalance that can cause pain. Acupuncturists free the energy by applying fine needles to specific locations thought to affect certain side effects. The needles are left in place for a few moments before being removed.

Patients at the Philadelphia cancer center, which is conveniently accessible from most areas of the Northeastern United States, can work with acupuncturists to combat the anxiety, stress or insomnia that may be caused by cancer treatments. Getting these side effects under control can have an impact on patients’ overall well-being. Acupuncture is also commonly used to treat stomach distress, nausea and vomiting, which often follow chemotherapy and cancer-related surgeries.

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