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Setting realistic New Year's resolutions

Laura Sunn, MD

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By now, many of us have resolved to make 2014 better than 2013 by making lifestyle changes. We promise to lose 20 pounds, cook more meals at home and organize every room in the house… And those are just a few! While it’s great to make changes in your behavior to improve your sense of well-being, sometimes resolutions can be too much to tackle.

There is a reciprocal relationship between success and a good mood. If you enjoy the activity you’re doing, you’re more likely to be successful at it. Success means satisfaction, which helps you stick with what you want to do. When settling on a New Year’s resolution, consider the following ideas to help you accomplish what you want this year.

Make realistic goals: Focus on goals that can be achieved and that will make a positive impact on your life. The emotional tone of your plan needs to be hopeful, happy or pleasurable.

Develop a specific action plan: Determine short- and long-term steps that will help you reach your goal. Instead of resolving to lose 10 pounds, create a plan that includes how you will achieve that goal and focuses on health and wellness.

Publicly share your resolution: Tell your friends and family about it. Post updates on Facebook/Twitter to track your progress. Sharing your resolution publicly will make you more accountable and may bring you the added support from friends and family so you can achieve it.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to set goals for yourself to improve your health, your relationships with others, or whatever it is that will make you happier in 2014. Learn more about mind-body medicine at our hospitals.