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Rev. Percy McCray,

Revive yourself, your spirit and your health

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Many of us give so much to others that we forget to take time to give to ourselves. Taking time for yourself is not a selfish act. In fact, it can make you more content by reducing stress and the negative emotions that can come with it.

It’s important to pause and reflect. If we don’t, we end spending our time shopping, eating, drinking and socializing in often futile attempts to revive our souls. Instead of trying to revive yourself with libations, confections and unrealistic expectations this year, invest in something more rewarding: yourself, your spirit and your health.

What does it really mean to revive?  Simply put, “to make something operative or valid again.” So what is it about yourself, your spirit and your health that has been inoperative or lost its validity? Here are some thoughts to help you revive this year.

Self: For many of us, our focus is geared toward service to others. If you are a giver by nature, set aside time for you to be the priority of your life. Get a massage, escape to a movie, take a walk or bike ride in nature (weather permitting, of course). It can be difficult for givers to focus on themselves because they may feel compelled and guilt-ridden to please others. Remember, to be of value to others, you must first value yourself.

Spirit: At the core of every person there is a thirst, hunger and desire to have real meaning, value and purpose in life. Connecting to a higher source provides balance, stability and grounding. Many of us forget to look for meaning, value and purpose in the most obvious places: service, forgiveness, hope, peace and faith. In many ways, connecting to these universal forces of empowerment is the easiest way to tap into our spirit.

Health: The secret to measuring success in life may be found in mental, emotional and physical health and well being. To achieve this well being, focus on reducing stress, increasing engaging activities and, when we can, eliminating counterproductive practices from our lives. When we are healthy, we feel energized. When we take ownership of our physical well being, we get closer to a more fulfilled state of being. After all, we are not human “doings” but human beings!

Aim to achieve mindfulness in your life by taking time to revive yourself, your spirit and your health. Learn about spiritual support at our hospitals.