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"Get Your Head In The Game" to fight brain tumors

brain tumor action main

Patients, loved ones and advocates from all over the country are uniting this week to talk about the importance of finding new treatments and advancing research for brain tumors. Brain Tumor Action Week runs from April 28 through May 4, 2013, and strives to increase awareness and funding for brain cancer research.

Brain tumors strike men, women and children at any age. More than 688,000 Americans are living with a primary brain tumor. It’s estimated that nearly 70,000 new primary brain tumors will be diagnosed in the U.S. this year, with an additional 170,000 cancers that metastasize to the brain.

Today, with the help of Get Your Head In The Game®, an initiative of the National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS), national awareness around the country will help to educate the public and medical community about brain tumor facts, and bring greater attention to the cause.

How can you make a difference? Get Your Head in the Game lists ways you can get involved:

  • Become an advocate: Help improve public policy affecting brain tumor patients and caregivers.
  • Share your story: Lend your voice to help increase brain tumor awareness.
  • Spread the word: Get more people involved and make the brain tumor cause as visible as other diseases.
  • Buy merchandise: Purchase T-shirts, bracelets, decals and more to support the cause.
  • Sign up for monthly updates: Stay in the know about what is happening with the NBTS.

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