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Get active for a cause

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The summer months are upon us, and that means spending time outdoors with family and friends. These long sunny days are a perfect time to get involved in the numerous outdoor events to support cancer research and prevention.

Walking or running for a cause has benefits that reach far beyond the physical. Doing something to help others is good for your overall well-being. These advocacy events can be especially meaningful for people who have been touched by cancer, whether they are caregivers, currently going through treatment or are in remission.

“Feeling like you are a part of something greater than yourself, while being able to connect with others who have shared in a similar journey as you and your loved ones, offers a person and their family a great sense of connection, support, hope and healing,” says Heather Swick, mind-body therapist at CTCA near Chicago.

Getting a group of family and friends to participate with you can help you raise money for a good cause, while allowing you to spend time with people who are important to you.

“These events not only focus on the physical aspects of health, wellness and regeneration but they serve as a large network where cancer patients, survivors, their families and friends can go to find purpose, honor loved ones, gain a sense of community and strength, and express their continued dedication to the fight against cancer,” says Swick.

Looking for an event near you? Check out the following organizations to see when they’ll be in your area: