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Douglas Kelly, MD,

Meet clinician blogger Dr. Douglas Kelly

douglas kelly

I’m a radiation oncologist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m originally from Montreal but have lived in Tulsa for 16 years, long enough to consider it home.  As one of the physician directors of medical research, I am part of an effort to launch new research programs at CTCA and spread the word about its existing programs. I plan to discuss our research initiatives in this blog.

My background in research dates to the 1980s when, in high school, I bought one of the first personal computers available with money I earned from my newspaper routes and taught myself computer programming languages. I look back at that moment as a critical part of my education, helping shape my love of math, statistics, computers, databases and science. In medical school, I did part-time biostatistics work in the epidemiology department.

I started working at CTCA in Tulsa straight out of my residency program in 1996. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dr. James Flynn, who started the radiation oncology department and introduced high-dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy for prostate cancer. I started a database of HDR brachytherapy treatment results, which we presented at several meetings around the country and I developed a patient informational website, in 1997. CTCA now maintains that site.

I then focused on using brachytherapy for breast cancer and wrote a new research protocol. CTCA became one of the first centers in the country to offer women only five days of radiation treatment after a lumpectomy. I currently am working on targeted total-body radiation therapy for our new Stem Cell Unit, CyberKnife® radiation therapy for breast cancer and a study looking at long-term cancer survivors.

As for my personal life, I have two teenage daughters and a 6-year-old son. My wife, Lorie, used to work in marketing in CTCA but is now a jewelry designer. I enjoy cycling and hiking and have a keen interest in photography, especially black-and-white photography. I look forward to writing for you!