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Cancer survivors reunite at “The Gathering”

the gathering

Last month, our hospital near Atlanta held a reunion for patients and caregivers. “The Gathering,” created by Cancer Fighters®, Ernest and Sylvia Withrow, was a time to see old friends, meet new ones and share with others currently battling the disease.

The makings for the reunion began a year ago, when Winthrow started having breakfast with a small group of prostate cancer patients each morning after radiation treatment. The “breakfast club” – as it came to be called – was a time to connect with people who shared similar experiences. The lasting friendships that resulted became a source of much needed support during treatment. One year later, Withrow and his wife decided to create “The Gathering” so others could join in on the camaraderie.

The reunion event included a grand opening for the new Cancer Fighters space in the hospital, a hub for patients interested in learning more about the program. People had the opportunity to remember those who have passed away by sharing stories of loved ones, followed by a meet and greet with patients and caregivers throughout the hospital. Cancer Fighters is comprised of Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) patients and caregivers who support fellow CTCA patients during their journey with cancer. This support ranges from sharing encouragement and experiences, to getting answers to questions, to learning about the latest updates about treatments.

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