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What questions should men ask if they are diagnosed with prostate cancer?

Answered by: Lanceford M. Chong, MD, MPH
Chief of Radiation Oncology Program Development

Video: For Men Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer...

Drs. Chong and Bans recommend questions men should ask if they are diagnosed with prostate cancer.

At the time they are diagnosed, men should ask whether the cancer is life-threatening, what stage the cancer is, what treatment options are available, and whether normal sexual relations are possible. Dr. Bans stresses that men should be informed of the risks that come with all treatment options in order to make appropriate decisions. 

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Lanceford Chong: A patient who has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer faces many challenges. Number one, what is the stage of their disease? What are the chances that it could be controlled? Number two, which treatment is best for them? Number 3, what are the side effects with respect to all of the treatment options? Number 4, I think that a major question is will they be able to lead a relatively normal life, as it relates to their relationships with their family members. The questions that I think men should ask when they’re diagnosed with prostate cancer are - Is this a life threatening diagnosis? Do I need treatment? And if so, what are the available treatments that we recommend currently? I think men should be very well informed as to the potential short term and long term risks of all of the available treatment options, and I think they should be able to then hopefully decide what suits them best in terms of decision making for treatment.

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