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Is erectile dysfunction common after surgery for prostate cancer?

Video: Post-Surgery ED

After having prostate cancer surgery, I am having a hard time getting it up and none of the pills I am taking help. What can I do?

Erectile dysfunction may be common after a radical prostatectomy, Dr. Bans explains. It may take months or years for men to regain erectile function after undergoing nerve-sparing surgery. 

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Larry Bans: Erectile dysfunction after radical prostatectomy is very common, and people need to be aware that it may take many months, even several years, to gradually have erectile function return, if nerve sparing surgery was performed. If it was performed, patience is a virtue. I think people need to understand that most people take at least six to twelve months to have erectile function return, some people take longer. I always recommend that people try medications if they’re interested. There are other options for erectile dysfunction, which can work immediately, such as vacuum erection devices. There’s injectable therapy, where people inject what’s called vasoactive drugs into the penis to create erections, and at a later time, if erectile dysfunction is a permanent problem, a penile prosthesis is a surgical option to the problem.

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