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What are the chances of living for a stage IV prostate cancer patient?

A patient with advanced prostate cancer that has spread to other areas of the body, particularly to the bone, can live for some time and enjoy life with the right treatment, Dr. Chong explains. He says the patient needs to be closely monitored and treatments must be evaluated for effectiveness and tolerance. To help patients maintain their quality of life, Dr. Chong says they should be evaluated for bone pain, elevated calcium levels and hot flashes. 

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Lanceford Chong: This is a very good question. In general, prostate cancer spread to other areas (particularly bone) is something that, with the right treatment, can still have a patient living quite a while with very reasonable quality of life. The patient needs to be monitored closely, and the treatments appropriately evaluated for their effectiveness and tolerance. Quality of life is important, and therefore, patients with stage four prostate cancer need to be evaluated for symptoms such as bone pains, elevation in their calcium levels, hot flashes, all perhaps related to the disease or the treatment requirements. And so excellence in care during this period is essential. A patient often times can live quite a while with stage four disease.