What are the chances of adenocarcinoma recurring?

Answered by: Daniel Nader, DO, FCCP
National Clinical Director, Pulmonary/Critical Care, Chief of Staff, Director of the Lung Center & Interventional Pulmonologist

Video: What Are the Chances of Adenocarcinoma Recurring?

Dr. Nader answers a question regarding how common it is for adenocarcinoma of the lung to recur. He explains why the stage of the disease factors into how likely it is to recur.
Connie Elston from Maine asks:
"My mom was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma lung cancer in May of this year. She went through surgery and chemotherapy. She has had X-rays since and they so far have looked OK. My question is, what is the percentage rate of this reoccurring? If so, would it be the same cancer or different? And would it come back in the same spot?"
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