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What are the chances of adenocarcinoma recurring?

Answered by: Daniel Nader, DO, FCCP, FACP
Chief, Division of Pulmonary Services, Department of Medicine at Cancer Treatment Centers of America®; Chief of Staff, Lung Program Director, Director of Graduate Medical Education

Dr. Nader says the rate of adenocarcinoma reoccurrence depends on the stage of cancer. Staging cancer accurately is important, he says, because it helps determine the patient’s prognosis and appropriate course of treatment. 

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Daniel A. Nader: Well Connie, let me just tell you that a lot of it depends upon the stage of cancer. So we would want to know what the stage is, and that’s something that we do here at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. We stage the patient as accurately as we possibly can, because the prognosis will be dependent upon that staging. So will treatment. And after treatment is completed, we do a very complete evaluation of the patient on a regular basis, because lung cancer does have a high rate of recurrence, and that rate of recurrence is based on their staging.