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Can lung cancer be cured?

Answered by: Can lung cancer be cured?
National Clinical Director, Pulmonary/Critical Care, Chief of Staff, Director of the Lung Center & Interventional Pulmonologist

Video: Can Lung Cancer Be Cured?

Dr. Nader addresses this question and talks about treatments for the disease, as well as why staging lung cancer is critical to determining the treatments that may be most beneficial for each patient.
Leslie from Nevada asks:
"Is lung cancer curable, and if so how can you get cured?"
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Daniel A. Nader: Well, it is possible, but usually the therapies for lung cancer include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. And when a patient is first diagnosed with lung cancer, we do staging. This helps identify prognosis, and it helps identify what the treatment is going to be that the patient is going to receive. When a patient is put in remission, and remission means no evidence of active disease, the patient is followed very closely over a five year time period. It is at that point in time that we say that the cancer has been successfully managed.

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