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What is a neurosurgeon?

Answered by: Clinton J. Baird, MD
Medical Director of Neurosurgery Services & Neurosurgeon

Dr. Baird explains that a neurosurgeon cares for patients with disorders of the nervous system and its supporting structures.  

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Clinton Baird: My name is Clinton Baird, I am a neurosurgeon and the director of neurosurgical services at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. A neurosurgeon is a surgeon who cares for the treatment of disorders of the nervous system and its supporting structures. That includes everything from brain surgery, to surgery around the head and skull, to surgery into the spine, the neck, the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, the low back, and even into peripheral nerves. The most commonly known example would be carpal tunnel syndrome, but there’s also other examples where abnormal growths or tumors will form on peripheral nerves, and a neurosurgeon would be the one that would care for those conditions.