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Past Issues

Summer 2012

Read the exciting cover story in our summer issue of CF Thrive

It takes two

Cancer treatment can present a long and winding road, marked by emotional and physical challenges along the way. Though the prospect may seem daunting, building good rapport with your doctor can help make that journey a smooth one. In fact, many patients report that building a healthy patient/physician relationship had a positive impact on their treatment.

Spring 2012

Read the exciting cover story in our spring issue of CF Thrive

Caregivers do far more than care

When Chrissy Johnson’s husband, DeArthur, was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer, she was immediately thrust into the new and unexpected role of caregiver. “Before that I was just his wife,” Chrissy explains. “How do you switch from being a wife to being a caregiver? The title has been given to you without your even requesting it.”

Winter 2011

Read the exciting cover story in our winter issue of CF Thrive

Equal opportunity cancer: Men get breast cancer too

The two foul balls that hit Tony Blackmon in the chest when he was umpiring a youth baseball game in April 2007 just might have been a blessing. “I get hit by foul balls all the time,” says the former Cornell University defensive back from Peoria, Arizona. “But it’s kind of unusual to get hit twice in the same place. A few days later, it was still sore.”

Summer/Fall 2011

Read the exciting cover story in our summer/fall issue of CF Thrive

Pregnant with cancer

Jackie Malena was seven months pregnant when she was diagnosed with stage II hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC ). The uncomfortable pain she had originally chalked up to pregnancy was actually the result of a football-sized tumor that was hanging off of her liver. “Suddenly, I had a 2-pound baby girl and a 2-pound tumor fighting for the same space,” she explains.

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