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Cancer Fighters Thrive® Magazine

Cancer Fighters Thrive® is a quarterly magazine designed to inform and empower cancer patients, their friends and families. Each issue includes diverse topics that address an integrative approach to winning the fight against cancer—from the latest in clinical research, nutrition and mind-body to relevant naturopathic therapies and the role of spirituality and faith. Articles highlight patients’ courage and inspiration and bring to light advances in research and treatment, as well as recipes and tips that will improve quality of life during treatment.

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Cancer Fighters Thrive Magazine

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Facing a cancer diagnosis as a patient or a caregiver can be an engulfing experience - one that you shouldn’t go through alone. Cancer Fighters Thrive® shares other survivors’ personal stories about how they cope with many of the issues you might be experiencing.

  • You will read about new research and innovations in cancer treatment and diagnostic procedures.
  • Each issue of the magazine features “Images of Hope” with patients sharing their photos of who and what gives them hope.
  • Recipes and nutrition tips are provided to help you improve your quality of life.
  • Patients share stories about how their attitude and their faith can be transformational.
  • The articles in Cancer Fighters Thrive® provide enlightening insights into other patients’ lives to empower you with hope to win your fight against cancer, every day.

You can register for your free magazine to be sent to your home or to your email address. We also send multiple free copies to churches, doctors’ offices and cancer support groups across the country.

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Past Issues

Spring 2016

Get news, information and inspiration from our Spring 2016 issue of Cancer Fighters Thrive

The Fighter

After losing her husband to cancer, Gloria Price had to find the strength to carry on, not just with life but with her own battle with the disease. Gloria shares her story of love, loss and how the lessons her husband taught her helped her get through the toughest of days.

Winter 2015

Read the exciting content in our Winter 2015 issue of Cancer Fighters Thrive

A Whole New Game

A former college and semi-pro football player, Todd Hardy never smoked a cigarette. So his lung cancer diagnosis came as a surprise, and he was determined to explore every option available to him. Find out what happened when Todd's doctor recommended removing part of his lung.
Fall 2015

Read the exciting content in our Fall 2015 issue of Cancer Fighters Thrive

Patient and Provider

Fighting cancer is life-changing for any patient. For a health care provider, a personal cancer experience can prove even more influential. Dr. Karen Smoroski, a Radiation Oncologist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Zion, Illinois, shares how her diagnosis and cancer journey offered new perspective.

Summer 2015

Read the exciting content in our Summer 2015 issue of Cancer Fighters Thrive

Why Weight Matters

Some survivors experience weight gain during or after cancer treatment. Learn why it is important to maintain a healthy weight and about the support to help you do it.

Spring 2015

Read the exciting content in our Spring 2015 issue of Cancer Fighters Thrive

Spiritual Connection

In the wake of a cancer diagnosis, creating an effective support network is essential. For many patients and caregivers, one important component of this network is spiritual fellowship. Connecting with other patients and their loved ones – and with pastoral care staff – provides opportunities for communal prayer, spiritual counseling and valuable perspective.