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We understand how overwhelming it can be when you or your loved one is coping with cancer. Our newsletter is designed  to ease some of the burden of this "information overload," by featuring various cancer-related topics, tips and information. In March 2017, we launched a dynamic new design that allows us to feature our content in a more engaging format. Sign up for the newsletter below, or read our monthly feature articles in our blog section.

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Past Newsletters

January 2015 - Innovations in cancer care

Each year, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America® taps its resources to bring patients new tools in cancer treatment and prevention. 2015 is no different. Learn about four innovations to look out for at our hospitals this year, and read about what motivates one of our doctors to devise new ways to treat gynecologic cancers.

December 2014 - New Year's resolutions

The New Year is a time to make resolutions, such as committing to live a healthier life in the coming year. Learn how those with cancer can get healthy in the New Year in the areas of nutritional, physical and emotional well-being. Also, read some New Year’s resolutions from cancer survivors.

November 2014 - The power of gratitude & forgiveness

Gratitude and forgiveness are good for your mental and physical health. Both are associated with better immune system function, lower blood pressure and overall well-being. Learn how to cultivate gratitude and how to forgive.

October 2014 - Survivorship: Living well after cancer

Take steps to lead a more active and fulfilling life after cancer. Get helpful tips on how to implement a post-treatment exercise routine and accomplish personal goals.

September 2014 - Treating and managing blood cancers

The last three decades have brought extraordinary advances in the treatment of blood cancers. Learn about promising new treatments for hematologic cancer, as well as things you should know about the disease.