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We understand how overwhelming it can be when you or your loved one is coping with cancer.

The Cancer Center Newsletter was developed to ease some of the burden of this "information overload," by featuring various topics in an easy-to-understand format.

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Past Newsletters

May 2016 - Immunotherapy: Advances usher in a new era of cancer care

Many now call him the "Father of Immunotherapy," but in the 1890s, Dr. William Coley was dismissed by colleagues for the very work the modern world now considers groundbreaking. On the theory that a supercharged immune system could attack cancer cells, Coley injected patients with live bacteria that he believed could jump-start immune cells into action. More than a century later, we now know that he was onto something.

April 2016 - Integrative care: Combining conventional treatments with supportive therapies
Integrative cancer treatment essentially approaches the disease on two levels—attacking it with conventional techniques like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, while also supporting patients’ overall well-being with therapies that help them manage cancer- and treatment-related side effects. The idea is to help patients maintain their strength and stamina, so they can stay on their treatment regimens and avoid interruptions.

March 2016 - Meet Your Cancer Pathologist

Under the microscope, the dark spots resemble seeds in some exotic fruit. Pathologist Dr. Bradford Tan adjusts the magnification, examining them closely. The spots are the nuclei of tumor cells. These are irregular and oddly clustered. Many are frozen in the act of splitting. They bunch up on two poles like iron filings around magnets. There’s no doubt in his mind, this is an aggressive, rapidly growing tumor.

February 2016 - Love and Cancer

Cancer has a way of throwing life out of balance. So much can change in the wake of a diagnosis: your work life, self-esteem, relationships, daily routines, dreams and future plans. While the chaos may seem like the end of life as you knew it, many patients find that it’s the beginning of something else—a new perspective, a new normal, sometimes even new or renewed bonds with a someone important in their lives. Four couples share how their relationships helped them cope with cancer, and how their bonds strengthened along the way.

January 2016 - Quest for a cure: The past, present and future of cancer care

Until powerful tools of supercomputers and genomics fortified the effort, the war on cancer was, at best, a story of progress in fits and starts. Although the effort has at times seemed slow and frustrating, those difficult early steps have cut the path for today’s and tomorrow’s era of targeted, more specific, increasingly effective cancer treatments—discoveries that could make the coming decade’s quest to cure cancer more consequential than the past century and a half’s.