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We understand how overwhelming it can be when you or your loved one is coping with cancer.

The Cancer Center Newsletter was developed to ease some of the burden of this "information overload," by featuring various topics in an easy-to-understand format.

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Past Newsletters

April 2010 - Intimacy during cancer care

Cancer can put a strain on intimate relationships. Treatments for cancer and the disease itself can cause changes in sexual desire and function. If your physical appearance has changed, you may also feel less attractive or desirable.

March 2010 - Cancer-related bone pain

You may experience bone pain at some point in your cancer journey, particularly if you are battling advanced cancer. Bone pain can cause a dull or deep ache in a bone or bone region.

February 2010 - Laughter therapy

Cancer hardly seems like a laughing matter. You may think it is inappropriate or insensitive to joke at a time like this. Yet, at some point in your cancer journey, you may feel ready to laugh again.

January 2010 - Cancer genetics & risk

All cancer has a genetic basis since it is triggered by mutations (changes) in the genes of a cell. These changes cause cells to reproduce in an unstructured, abnormal way. Genetic changes can have many causes.

December 2009 - Finding forgiveness after cancer

When you find out that you have cancer, after the shock and disbelief wear off, you look for ways to fight the disease. You find an oncologist and begin treatment. However, before you are able to truly move forward, you may have to take a look back.