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We understand how overwhelming it can be when you or your loved one is coping with cancer. Our newsletter is designed  to ease some of the burden of this "information overload," by featuring various cancer-related topics, tips and information. In March 2017, we launched a dynamic new design that allows us to feature our content in a more engaging format. Sign up for the newsletter below, or read our monthly feature articles in our blog section.

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Past Newsletters

June 2013 - Thankful for Dads

With Father’s Day approaching, it’s a good time to express how thankful we are for our dads, especially those who have battled cancer. In this special edition of our newsletter, one of our writers shares her dad’s journey with cancer and the lessons learned along the way. We also include tips for talking to a loved one with cancer and caregiving strategies for families, from a spiritual perspective.

May 2013 - Thankful for Moms

In this special edition of our newsletter, we focus on moms who are cancer survivors and their children. Mother's Day is the perfect time to express how thankful we are for the moms who have shown their strength while battling cancer. Here, we profile the experiences of two moms whose journey with cancer brought their families closer together.

April 2013 - Occupational therapy

What does your morning routine consist of? Perhaps showering, getting dressed and eating breakfast. These tasks we perform on a daily basis can prove challenging for people who have undergone cancer treatment. If you have difficulty performing routine tasks, an occupational therapist can help you gain back independence and improve quality of life.

March 2013 - Stem cell transplantation

In recent years, substantial strides have been made in the research, treatment and prevention of blood diseases. A stem cell transplant is a promising option for some hematologic cancer patients. Advances in stem cell research have refined traditional approaches to reduce complications and provide better benefits for patients.

February 2013 - Animal therapy

When you or someone you love has cancer, finding ways to relax is important. Animal therapy is a supportive treatment approach that has been shown to help reduce stress and boost spirits, as well as provide a welcome distraction from all of the emotions you and your loved ones may be feeling.