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July 2013 - Genomic Tumor Assessment

  Issue #80, July 2013      
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Genomic tumor assessment at CTCA

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) now offers expanded genomic tumor assessment that may identify cancer treatment options not previously considered.

Genomic tumor assessment reveals the DNA alterations that are driving the growth of a cancer. As we understand more about these gene mutations, we are better able to provide cancer treatment therapies that specifically target changes in the tumor's genomic profile.

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The promise of precision cancer treatment

Precision cancer treatment looks at a patient's tumor on a genetic level to find what's driving the cancer's growth. By identifying DNA mutations in a cancer cell, our physicians can better understand what caused the tumor and tailor a patient's treatment based on these findings. Learn more from our infographic.

Cancer in the News

Learn more about genomic tumor assessment by watching this video.

Did You Know
  • Traditionally, cancer has been defined by where it occurs in the body.
  • In recent years, researchers have found that a particular cancer in one patient doesn't necessarily behave the same way in another patient.
  • Cancers now are being categorized by the underlying gene mutations that drive the cancer's growth.

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