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August 2014 - Vaccines and cancer

  Issue #94, August 2014      
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Vaccines can help treat certain cancers

Vaccines have been a standard part of childhood for almost 70 years as scientific advancements made it possible to protect children from deadly diseases such as mumps, chicken pox and rubella. Now, science is looking to vaccines as a way treat people who already have disease, particularly cancer.

Protect against cancer through vaccination

Cancer prevention takes many forms: eating right, exercising, not smoking and getting regular health screenings. For two types of cancer, cervical and liver, you can add vaccination to the list of things we can do to protect against cancer.

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Did you Know?

The term vaccine is Latin for “pertaining to a cow.” This word was coined by physician Edward Jenner in 1803 to describe the method of injecting people with cowpox to provide protection against smallpox.

Recipe of the Month
Recipe of the Month

Whip up this healthy summer salad for your next barbeque or get-together. This spinach and blueberry salad can be eaten as a side, or add protein to make it a light main dish.


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