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April 2014 - Oncology nutrition myths and tips

  Issue #90, April 2014      
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Setting the record straight about cancer nutrition

While there is a plethora of knowledge out there today about cancer, there are still many questions about which foods may cause cancer and which foods may help prevent it. With so much information, it can be tricky to decipher the myths from the truths.

Foods that have cancer-fighting properties

Eating a well-balanced diet can help you ward off illness and keep you nourished. Research has shown that the way different food compounds work together in the body may reduce cancer risk. So the question is, what foods help prevent cancer?

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Recipe of the Month
Recipe of the Month

Searching for a recipe with cancer-fighting super foods? Enjoy this antioxidant-rich spinach and lemon lentil soup.

Did You Know?

Americans consume 31 percent more packaged food than fresh food, which is more than any other country.


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