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Helping prevent cancer, continued

As I said in my last blog post, avoid processed foods. Coincidentally, processed foods are a hot topic lately because of the release of Fed Up, a documentary investigating the obesity crisis. I have yet to see it but am thrilled by the reviews.

Check out the film’s tag line: “Everything we’ve been told about food and exercise for the past 30 years is dead wrong.”

Balanced summer smoothies


Video: Nutrition Therapy at CTCA – Balanced Smoothies

Learn how to make a yummy super green smoothie and a berry breakfast smoothie.

Today, dietitians from our suburban Phoenix hospital share two tasty smoothie recipes that can help cancer patients maintain strength and weight. The Nutrition Therapy team’s Green Smoothie and Berry Breakfast Smoothie are easy energy boosters that help patients and caregivers alike get in their five to nine servings of fruits and veggies a day.

The success of cervical cancer screening


Widespread use of the Pap test has made cervical cancer screening a success in the United States. Before 1955, cervical cancer was a leading cause of cancer deaths among women. Then, by 1992, the cervical cancer death rate fell by almost 70 percent, according to the American Cancer Society.

The Pap test, done as routine screening, is usually the first step in determining the health of a woman’s cervix. It’s “often considered the most successful cancer screening program the world has seen,” says Dr. Giuseppe Del Priore, National Director of Gynecologic Oncology at our hospitals.

The fresher, the better


Now that we’re weeks away from the official start of summer, it’s time for gardening and shopping at local farmers’ markets. Fresh fruits and veggies are in season and ready to be picked, tossed, grilled, sautéed and served.

Fresh produce is ideal for you because it is rich in nutrients (e.g., vitamins, minerals), which are essential for keeping our bodies nourished, healthy and strong. According to dietitians at our suburban Phoenix hospital, the fresher the fruits and veggies you eat, the better.

Could measles cure cancer?

Donald Braun, PhD

Mayo Clinic recently released a report detailing the remission of a patient with late stage blood cancer after she received a massive dose of the measles vaccine. This is a fascinating and complex scientific breakthrough where vaccinations for viruses are being reengineered and used to treat deadly conditions.

The benefits of exercise for cancer patients


Being active has many health benefits, but in the past, doctors advised people with a chronic illness such as cancer to reduce unnecessary physical activity. Recent studies show that engaging in physical activity is one of the most important lifestyle choices cancer patients can make for their well-being.

Is over-treatment riskier than breast cancer itself?


A new report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that screening guidelines for breast cancer should be made on a more individualized basis to avoid over-treatment and related complications.

Mammography enables doctors to find tumors that are too small to feel. However, since the test does not determine the potential danger of a tumor, some women may undergo biopsies, surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy for breast cancers that are not life-threatening.

National Women’s Health Week: 5 tips to be a well woman


Did you know that one in three women will develop cancer in her lifetime? We spent Mother’s Day focusing on important women in our lives, and now we should focus on their health. This week is National Women’s Health Week, a good time for women of all ages to make their health a priority.