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Researchers find link between red meat intake and breast cancer risk

Researchers at Harvard recently found a higher intake of red meat linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. A group of 88,000 mostly Caucasian female nurses completed five surveys about their diets from 1991-2007, and were followed for 20 years. Nearly 3,000 of these women later developed breast cancer. This study looked at the relations between different protein foods in the women’s diet and the risk of later developing breast cancer.

Infrequent exercise is better than none at all, studies show


It is well known that regular exercise has many health benefits, including weight management, reduced risk for certain diseases, and overall physical health. But what if you can only squeeze in exercise a couple of times a week? Is it enough to make a positive impact on your health? Studies show that exercising twice a week is not only better than living a sedentary lifestyle, it also may be just as beneficial as working out more regularly.

Genetic testing identifies risk of developing certain cancers


For many of us, being healthy to prevent disease is a top priority. To do so, we eat foods that are good for us and exercise regularly. But the inner workings of our bodies are complex and changes can occur at the genetic level for a variety of reasons. These changes, called mutations, have a role in the development of all cancers.

Genetic testing has increasingly been used as a tool to identify those who may be at a greater risk of developing a cancer that's passed on through a family line.

Sarcoma Awareness Month: Q&A on uterine sarcoma, a rare gynecologic cancer


Sarcoma is a rare cancer that develops in tissues of the body, such as bones or muscles. One of the types of sarcoma we treat at CTCA is uterine sarcoma. Dr. Justin Chura, Medical Director of Gynecologic Oncology and Medical Director of Robotic Surgery at CTCA in Philadelphia, recently answered our questions about the disease, which the American Cancer Society estimates 1,600 women will be diagnosed with this year.

Practice smart grilling this 4th of July


With the July 4th weekend approaching, many of you will be heading to barbeques with family and friends. But before you fire up the grill, make sure you understand the risks, and how you can make healthy grilling choices this season.