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Dr. Mons: Restoring hope with a passion for reconstruction


Inspired by the local family doctor in his small Oklahoma hometown, Dr. Bradley Mons grew up with a dream: to “deliver babies and fix broken arms.” Today, a respected surgeon in his own right, Dr. Mons has dedicated his career to helping others, like the man he always admired, though the dream took a bit of a detour. During his operating-room training at Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he discovered he loved working with his hands. The revelation took his medical career in another direction.

Climbing up from cancer


The power of saying “yes,” even in challenging situations, can be especially meaningful for cancer patients. The seven men in the above video found that out when an experience that took them wildly out of their comfort zone led them to a profoundly connected, spiritual place.

Warmer temps come with a warning: Protect your skin


Temps are warming. The snow is finally melting. Picnics and outdoor activities are beginning to dot the calendar. Yes, summer is on the horizon, and that’s a welcome relief for many, especially after a brutal winter socked much of the nation. But behind the joys of sun-kissed celebrations are hazards that threaten to spoil the fun. Since May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, the time is ripe for a few reminders on how to reduce your risk of sun damage.

Immunotherapy represents progress in cancer treatment


Our immune system has one sole purpose: to protect against disease. Some cancers, though, can outsmart our immune system, and cancer cells can proliferate despite our bodies’ best efforts. Fortunately, researchers have developed a new class of drugs, called immunotherapy, that can help a silenced immune system fight cancer

How to manage the stress of being a caregiver

Raed Rahman, DO

Caring for a patient with daily chronic pain can be challenging. The stress is no less whether you are caring for a parent, spouse, significant other or friend. Indeed, the physical and emotional demands of caregiving can be overwhelming; yet watching a loved one struggle can add to the already significant toll that being a caregiver can take on your own life.

Vaccinating more boys against HPV could help prevent cancer


When the FDA initially approved Gardasil® in 2006, the first vaccine to prevent human papillomavirus (HPV) infections was recommended for girls only. Since then, much of the focus has been on vaccinating girls, even though the FDA gave Gardasil the okay for boys in 2009. Should we shift our attention to vaccinating more boys instead?

Keeping a healthy sex life with cancer


A healthy sex life is, for many, a key component of a happy life. But it can prove difficult to attain, especially if a cancer diagnosis or treatment regimen is adding to your everyday pressures. Achieving and maintaining a healthy sexual relations often requires communication, education and, sometimes, the input of a trained professional. That journey can be dramatically different for men than it is for women.