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Interventional oncology: Big advancements with tiny beads


For many years, treating cancer that began in or spread to the liver often meant long rounds of chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and with them, a number of adverse treatment-related side effects. Today, innovations in image-guided technology are paving the way for new options designed to target the tumor with pinpoint precision, sparing healthy tissue, reducing the risk of side effects and helping patients recover more quickly.

'Metachronous cancer': A growing concern for cancer survivors


For many survivors, beating cancer brings a welcome sigh of relief. But for some, even those whose cancer never regrows or spreads, it won’t be their last battle with the disease.  Research suggests that a growing percentage of cancer survivors are being diagnosed with “metachronous” cancers—new primary tumors unrelated to the patients’ previous cancers.

Genomic testing's role in the fight against cancer


Just as no two fingerprints are exactly alike, no two tumors are identical. Every cancer is different, even when it affects the same part of the body as another. In recent years, one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in cancer treatment has involved genomic testing, which allows doctors to understand an individual patient’s cancer at the molecular level, and then figure out options to treat it.

Mastectomies for men on the rise


An uptick in male breast cancer patients opting for preventive mastectomies has some experts concerned, especially given the lack of evidence showing the procedure has long-term benefits.