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As a caregiver, you are learning as much as possible and doing whatever you can to help your loved one make informed decisions about their care. Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) includes you in discussions about your loved one's treatment plan and gives you and your family helpful information about cancer, treatment options, managing side effects and overall health.

We'll handle administrative responsibilities for you, like scheduling appointmentstravel arrangements and medical record keeping, so you can fully support your loved one’s health and healing. We also invite you to use our wellness services to help you stay strong as your loved one fights cancer.


Caregiver support services at CTCA

For decades, our expert physicians have offered patients a combination of advanced cancer treatments in a personalized, integrative care model. We use treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and immunotherapy to aggressively fight cancer. At the same time, we provide therapies like nutrition, physical therapy and naturopathic medicine to boost the immune system, reduce pain and help our patients maintain their strength throughout treatment.

Peace of mind

Have more peace of mind knowing that everything we do at CTCA, we do to help your loved one get well. The patient is at the center of care in every way, with individualized treatment plans customized to specific needs, plus hands-on guidance from our staff to help make living with cancer day-to-day as stress-free as possible. For both of you.

An all-in-one approach

To maximize patient comfort and ensure consistent, quality care, most or all of your loved one’s treatments and appointments will take place at one CTCA hospital. The entire care team—from oncologists to supportive care experts—are available to speak to both of you face-to-face. They talk to each other, too, with equal dedication to seeing you and your loved one thrive throughout the cancer journey.

A care manager to guide you

When you and your loved one come to a CTCA hospital, we’ll assign a care manager to help you with just about everything. Appointment scheduling, connecting you with your doctors, and working with Patient Services to organize travel and lodging arrangements—you can count on your care manager being there for you and your loved one throughout the entire treatment process, ready to answer your questions 24/7.

Help coordinating day-to-day details

We understand that helping your loved one get well is—and should be—your primary focus. Arranging your visit can feel overwhelming, so we’ll handle it for you.

Once you’ve decided on the date for your visit, our teams will arrange your travel, secure lodging arrangements and greet you upon arrival. Once you’re here, we have more ways to keep you both comfortable:

  • On- and off-site guest rooms at reduced rates, and hotel rooms at reduced rates.
  • Complimentary transportation services between your hotel and CTCA, and even around town.
  • Discounted meal tickets for you and the patient so you can enjoy healthy cuisine right at the hospital. Prices vary; the average cost per meal is $4-$7.
  • A business center so you both can keep up with work during your stay.

Wellness services

We understand that caring for a loved one with cancer can be stressful, which is why we offer many services for our caregivers as well:

Family counseling/support groups

Talk about your experiences and learn from others in our regular support group sessions. You can also choose private individual, couples or family counseling.

Spiritual support

We offer support for all religious affiliations. Our pastoral care team works together with your care team to support you and your family’s spiritual well-being throughout treatment.

Mind-body medicine offerings

We offer stress-relief massages, stress management classes, relaxation and guided imagery training, deep breathing training and humor therapy. We’ll help you stay strong and positive as you support your loved one.

Online message board community

Join our CancerCompass® online community to build a network of support and connect with other caregivers and the patients they love.

Personal Web pages

Create a private CTCA CarePage for a convenient way to share news and provide health updates to family and friends all at once.